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Amazingly Awesome

This game is the best but there is something missing... more campaign locations and levels. Also there could be missions like "collect all the stars" or "beat the ladybug" Please put this into consideration and add it to the next version.


Could be funny to put a mode race against seven computer or even to race against real persons.

glitchy, not as good as the first version

I had the first free one and liked it, played it quite a bit. Just got the updated plus version and not so much. Where did all the tough levels from version one go? The "glow" level was fun the first time but becomes so easy to beat. I wish I could tell you what the jungle level is but I cant, everytime I beat the last "glow" stage and freezes and crashes. Too bad, i wish I would have left it alone and would have stayed happy with the first free version. Wah way….

Fun game, but crashes.

Crashes when you beat level 16 and you cant move on.


this game is great but it has an error everytime you pass the 16th level of glow and doesnt allow you to go on to jungle

Crashes when you beat level 16

Like others have said it crashes when you beat level 16. Great game otherwise.

too bad it doesn

doesnt go past level 16, stick with the free version until this is fixed


Please make an update. i cannot get past level 16. it is very annoying

level 16

After you beat level 16 all you have to do is just hit quit, then you may proceed to the jungle.

still crashing

Updated latest fix that reportedly fixed the crash after 16 but no luck. Great game, just buggy.

Does not fit on monitor window

The application stretches below the bottom of screen - - - Even with different resolutions set - and no way to resize the window.


Fix the arcade mode which crashes the program everytime and it would be a rating around a 4 for me. It is the most boring addicting game I have ever played, great to wind down after a hard days work.

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